Climate Action Summit


The p4 Pittsburgh Climate Action Summit will bring together national and local climate experts, decision-makers, students, and business leaders to create a powerful partnership for meaningful change. Join author David Wallace-Wells, scientists Ray Najjar of Penn State and Jonathan Foley of Project Drawdown, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, and inspiring young climate activists in an interactive, movement building event. The U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has made it clear that we have only 10 short years to take rapid action to transform our economy and critical infrastructure in order to avert the worst consequences of climate change. We know that this region is a significant contributor to climate pollution and it is up to all of us to take serious, collective action now. In addition to hearing from our headlining speakers and panelists, we will have the opportunity for attendees to participate in one of five sector-specific workshops featuring leaders in the nonprofit, business, and government sectors who are making change now. Together we can help to solve the 21st Century’s greatest challenge. Be part of the solution!

Day 1

October 30, 2019


Registration & Breakfast


Video "Truth to Power" by One Republic


Opening Remarks

President, The Heinz Endowments
Executive Director, Sustainable Pittsburgh

Regional Climate Change Impacts: What Science Tells Us

Professor of Oceanography, The Pennsylvania State University

Navigating with Urgency: Climate Change and its Effects

Author, The Uninhabitable Earth

Pittsburgh and Climate Change

Mayor, City of Pittsburgh




Addressing Your Organization’s Risk: Climate Change Means Business (Business workshop)

Business and other organizations will learn about the bottom-line and stakeholder pressures related to climate risk, how businesses are working to manage and disclose these risks, and steps they can take to reduce the climate footprint of their own organizations. In addition to hearing from representatives from the investment community and corporation working toward carbon neutrality, workshop participants will walk through a climate risk assessment and access resources for addressing climate risk. (Video not available)

Director of Programs, Sustainable Pittsburgh
Executive Director, Sustainable Pittsburgh
Executive Director, Green Building Alliance
Head of Responsibility and Stewardship North America, Hermes
Senior Director, American Eagle Outfitters Foundation & Corporate Social Responsibility
Senior Manager Group Sustainability, Americas Sustainability Lead, Philips
Program Manager, Sustainable Pittsburgh

Brave and Heartfelt Climate Communications for Nonprofits (Nonprofit Workshop)

Explore approaches that empower people, organizations and communities to address climate solutions from the heart. How do we talk about the climate crisis without increasing despair? How do we connect individual actions to social change in polarized communities? Participants will experience effective engagement strategies and discover the critical role of non-profit networking in climate action. (Video not available)

Filmmaker and Creatives 4 Climate
Director of Education, Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Learning Instigator
Professor Emerita, Chatham University
Katy DeMent
Artist (Workshop guest)
Mandela Lyon
Carnegie Museum of Natural History (Workshop guest)
Martin Reidell
Environmental Charter School at Frick Park (Workshop guest)
Mary Ann Steiner
Steiner Learning Designs (Workshop guest)

Climate Impacts from petrochemical and plastics development in the Ohio Valley region (Health workshop)

The session will explore the scale of potential greenhouse gas emissions from planned petrochemical facilities and the extraction, pipeline and processing infrastructure required to support it. Health concerns as well as policy and economic considerations will also be discussed. (Video not available)

Executive Director, FracTracker Alliance
Director, PennFuture Energy Center
Director of Research, Environmental Integrity Project
Manager of Data & Technology, FracTracker Alliance
American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Environmental Health

Environmental Justice and Student Empowerment in the Classroom (Student/Educator Workshop)

"On July 17, the Woodland Hills School District made history. The district's school board passed a 'Call to Climate Change Action' resolution calling for state and federal lawmakers to address the climate change crisis and committed the district to a new set of eco-conscious policies." - Bill O'Toole, NextPittburgh. And all this came to pass as a result of a group of 8th graders speaking up! In this workshop, you can meet the students responsible for petitioning their school board to pass the resolution and the nonprofit, Communitopia, behind the work. Upbeat presenter Katie Modic, career educator, presents alongside students from Woodland Hills in this interactive workshop to teach you what environmental justice looks like in Allegheny County as well as the tools necessary for empowering student voice and creating district-level solutions that are impactful and equitable. (Video not available)

Coordinator of Educational Initiatives, Communitopia
Student, Woodland Hills High School
Board President, Communitopia

Partnering across sectors to accelerate governmental response to climate change (Local Government workshop)

In this session, participants will learn from leaders at different levels of government and nonprofits partnering across sectors to accelerate their response to climate change. During this session, attendees will better understand what our challenges are to mobilize a local critical response to climate change, what roles are required to organize an effective response and how citizens and elected officials can work together towards solutions. (Video not available)

Director of Sustainability, New Sun Rising
State Representative, 21st District, PA House of Representatives
Principal Resilience Planner, City of Pittsburgh
Energy Program Specialist, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Sustainable Communities Manager, Sustainable Pittsburgh
Triboro Ecodistrict Director and Co-Founder, New Sun Rising
Executive Director and Co-founder, New Sun Rising

Networking Lunch


Youth Demanding Action


Across the world, young people are raising their voices and taking to the streets to demand bold action on climate change. They know that their future is in peril and that a worldwide movement to decarbonize our economy is the only way to prevent the worst effects of global climate change, and they are inspiring all of us to take action now. The Heinz Endowments' President Grant Oliphant will talk with three of these youth leaders about what drives them and what we all must do to push for a better future.

Director of Operations, Zero Hour
Operations Coordinator, Zero Hour
Leading organizer of Pittsburgh's FridaysForFuture & Climate Youth Strike

Local Voices: Not Just an Environmental Issue


Climate change is not just an environmental issue. It is already having impacts on our public health, our economy, our politics, and nearly every aspect of our lives – and those impacts will only accelerate if we don’t take bold action now. These panelists, from a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives, will share how climate change is affecting them and the communities they represent, and how we can take collective action across different sectors to prevent its worst effects.

Project Director, Pennsylvania League of Women Voters
Deputy Director, Allegheny County Health Department
Director, Sustainability & Business Intelligence, PITT OHIO
United Mineworkers of America, SWPA and President of PA Association for Retired Americans

Project Drawdown: Tactical Action to Reverse Global Warming

Environmental scientist, sustainability expert, author, and public speaker.
Vice President of Operations and Engagement, Project Drawdown
Introduced by
Vice President for Sustainability and Senior Program Director, The Heinz Endowments

Closing Remarks

Executive Director, Sustainable Pittsburgh

Networking Reception