Climate Action Summit

Heather Harr

Project Director, Pennsylvania League of Women Voters

Heather Harr is Project Director of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania’s “Straight Scoop on Shale” project, which includes examining public health implications of shale gas development, and also includes working with communities to explore and implement clean, sustainable economic development. Heather first connected with the League of Women Voters while launching a youth civics engagement initiative in western PA, and then managed a federal mock elections grant for the Pittsburgh chapter of the League. Prior to returning to her native Pittsburgh, Heather worked at the Santa Fe Indian School and as a contractor with the New Mexico Department of Health to address issues around tobacco marketing to youth, and secondhand smoke. Before that, she worked in the private sector as a Director of Primary Research at ABC Television Network. Heather has a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s from Penn’s Annenberg School of Communication.

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