Climate Action Summit

Jamil Bey

Researcher, Analyst, and Consultant

Jamil Bey, PhD is a native Pittsburgher and devoted family man. As a researcher, analyst, and consultant, he specializes in challenging common assumptions about ordinary concerns while bringing alternative perspectives for consideration. Trained as both a professional geographer and as an educator, Dr. Bey excels in spatial analysis and synthesis, pedagogy and instruction. His primary focus is on spatial, and location analysis. His integrated systems view of the world provides highly contextualized conclusions, and recommendations that consider the interconnectivity of economics, politics, history, culture, health, social movements, and the environment in his analyses.

Jamil earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education from Penn State and taught high school social studies courses in Clairton, Pa and in McKeesport, Pa. He later earned a Master’s degree and a Ph.D., both in geography from Penn State.

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