Climate Action Summit

Jesper Nygård


Jesper Nygård is the CEO of Realdania, a philanthropic organization in Denmark that supports architectural and planning projects. He previously served as chairman of the Boligselskabet AKB housing company and of the National Federation of Housing Associations, and has been CEO of KAB, an administrator of municipal and social housing. Mr. Nygård also is a board member for the National Federation of Housing Association and board chairman of Landsbyggefonden, the national social housing fund.

Mr. Nygård joined the Supervisory Board of Realdania in 2003 and was elected chairman in 2009. He resigned from the Supervisory Board in June 2013. He recently wrote a book titled "The Social Enzyme" in which he encouraged civil society, the private sector and the public sector to work together in a more efficient way.

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