Climate Action Summit

John Manoochehri

Resource Vision

John Manoochehri is an Oxford-educated architect and environmental scientist based in Stockholm, Sweden. He wrote the framework of the UN Environment Program on sustainable urban lifestyles titled “Consumption Opportunities” and did part of his doctoral research with Tim Jackson in the United Kingdom on resource flow economics, introducing the concept of use efficiency. His diploma in architecture at Mejan Arc in Stockholm won a scholarship for a service-based architecture and urban lifestyle system.

Currently, Mr. Manoochehri leads Resource Vision, an architectural and urban studio in Stockholm that integrates environmental sustainability into world-class design and brings lifestyle technology and transformation into the design process. Resource Vision has joined teams that included organizations such as the international architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group, or BIG, on some of the largest architectural projects in the Nordics (e.g. Kiruna), and is now working with various funded startups in Silicon Valley.

In 2011, Mr. Manoochehri founded the nonprofit Futureperfect to revitalize conversations on sustainability—emphasizing the value-creation potential, bringing new voices and actors into the mix, and using new formats. Futureperfect’s input to p4 is part of a sequence of urban futures events that started in October 2013 with the Futureperfect Urban Futures Forum in Copenhagen, hosted by Bjarke Ingels and Minister Ida Auken at the BIG office, and will continue in Malmö and Stockholm.




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