Climate Action Summit

Kaylah Brathwaite

Director of Operations, Zero Hour

Kaylah Brathwaite is the 18-year-old Director of Operations and Logistics at Zero Hour. She currently lives in North Carolina but was raised in St. Croix, United States Virgin Islands. She is an avid organizer that reaches out to youth activists and those who are not yet involved in the movement in order to build a movement of 3.5% of the United States population, which is 11 million people and the number of people needed to have a successful revolution.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, she supports the efforts to reinstate an Environmental Committee along with local organizers. Specifically, she works with Sunrise’s Charlotte Hub to build a movement that is reflective of Charlotte and the needs of specific communities. Nationally, with Zero Hour, she helped organize the Youth Summit Conference in Miami, Florida this past July as a team member. The conference taught 400 people the causes of the climate crisis, how to combat them, and how to uplift the voices of frontline youth, among other lessons that are instrumental to the viability of the movement.

Brathwaite has written about the immediate effects of climate change and how frontline youth are not only fighting for their futures, but for their lives right now. In the Teen Vogue published op-ed, “My Home Is Already Being Destroyed by Climate Change”, she tackles her experience as a frontline youth and the systems that made the climate crisis possible.

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