Climate Action Summit

Leviticus (Levi) McGraw-Sapp

Student, Woodland Hills High School

Levi McGraw-Sapp is a freshman, or 9th grader, at the Woodland Hills High School.Levi is passionate about climate change and was pivotal in influencing the Woodland Hills School Board to pass a "Call to Climate Change Action" resolution. Other activities at Woodland Hills include winning the Wolverine Spirit Award twice, winning the 3rd and 4th grade ABC Spelling Bees, and winning one of the runner up positions in the "Do The Write Thing Essay" competition. Currently, he is a participating member in the Woodland Hills Orchestra, where he plays the viola, and the Woodland Hills Gifted Program. Outside of school, he volunteers at the community food bank, goes to church, and spends time with his friends and family.

Past Conferences