Climate Action Summit

Maria Rankka

Stockholm Chamber of Commerce

Maria Rankka is CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, the leading business organization in the Stockholm region. Appointed in 2010, Ms. Rankka has led the chamber in taking bold measures to renew and reenergize the organization. Today it is regarded as one of the most vital business lobbies in Sweden. As CEO, Ms. Rankka also has championed the concept of global cities and worked to promote a better understanding of the new economic geography.

Before joining the Stockholm Chamber, Ms. Rankka was the CEO of Sweden's leading free market think tank, Timbro. She has previously been a partner in the fast-paced communications agency Prime PR. Prior to that, she worked for Carl Bildt, Sweden’s former prime minister and recently resigned foreign minister. Ms. Rankka serves on the board of directors of several companies and organizations and has been board chairman of the European Centre for International Political Economy, a world-economy think tank in Brussels, since 2007. She has written several books and been named one of Sweden's most promising women leaders.

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