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p4 Performance Measures

The p4 Performance Measures project (“the Measures”) was an intensive year-long process to develop an evaluation tool that informs the prioritization of investments in real estate development projects located in the City of Pittsburgh. We are grateful to the over 100 people that contributed to the development of the final document released in October 2016. In February 2018, an updated p4 Performance Measures document was released.

During 2017, the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh (URA) formed a working group to integrate use of the Measures within relevant URA programs. The URA Working Group identified a few revisions to the Measures that are included in this February 2018 update, and worked with ReMake Group to develop additional tools for implementation that are included in Appendix E as project Worksheets and a Scorecard that will be utilized by the URA for pilot implementation in 2018, and are now available to others for their programs.

The URA expects to use the p4 Performance Measures for projects with an anticipated total development cost of over $2M, applicants to selected programs and those proposing to purchase URA property will be asked to complete a standardized self-evaluation of their project against the p4 Measures. During the pilot phase, these self-evaluations will not be used to make financing or disposition determinations, but will be analyzed for the purposes of establishing benchmarks for future stages of the implementation process

Green Building Alliance, Neighborhood Allies, and other organizations have voluntarily started using the Measures, we encourage others to do the same. Stay posted for updates on progress, as well as additions to the resource list below. We look forward to hearing about how your projects are incorporating the Measures.


p4 Performance Measures document –  February 2018

p4 Performance Measures Roadmap for Implementation: Summary – February 2017

p4 Performance Measures Compared to Green Building & Sustainable Development Certifications – May 2017 

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